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Documentation Set

 All Rights Reserved, © 1998-2004
Next Paradigm Systems Inc.

Table Of Contents

Read this section first.
White Paper & Overview
Data Types in MPbase
How is this possible?
Removable Media
MPbase Is Just Like...
Architectural Options Diagram
Year 2000 & MPbase
MPbase Fact Sheet
Parallel Cluster Options Diagram
MPbase Architectural Limits
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Task Vs. Resource Centric Processing
Product Plan & Deliverables by Phase
Real World Problem #1 "Sub Hunt"
Virtual Meta-data
Building The Phone Book Demo
Real World Problem #2 "Risk Check"
Access Options
Phone Book Demo Statistics
Real World Problem #3 "Profit Hunt"
Content Addressable Memory
Real World Numbers #1 "Data Transfer"
Real World Problem #4 "Corp. Data"
MPbase and SQL
Real World Numbers #2 "Big DB"
Real World Problem #5 "E-Battlefield"
MPbase And Application Complexity
Inventor's Notes on Paradigm Shock
Why MPbase Speeds Up The Whole System
Evaluating New Technology
Naturalization vs. Normalization
Reasons To Use MPbase
Boxes or Attractors
MPbase, FAQ

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