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MPbase Architectural Limits
Why have limits?

MPbase, due to its unique architecture is not bound by the traditional limitations. However, it is all too easy, to say this product has no limits, so as ridiculous as they may be here are the MPbase architectural limits.

Size Limits:

Maximum database size:The total storage capacity available to the cluster.
Maximum logical row size:Database size.
Maximum column size:Database size.

Number Limits:

Maximum nodes in a cluster:The total number of machines available.
Maximum nodes in a database:The useful limit varies but for the phone book demo (95 million rows) it is 80,000 nodes.
Maximum number of rows:Database size/average compressed row size.

Scaling factors:

For nodes:Linear+ performance to maximum cluster size.
For disks:Linear capacity to maximum database size.
For network connections:Linear performance/capacity to max cluster size.

Disk space requirements:

Data space multiplier:* 0.5 to * 0.005 normally about * 0.1
Software spaceLess than 1 Mbyte.

OS requirements:

Server:Any UNIX supporting TCP/IP.
Client:Any supporting TCP/IP.
Single box:

(client, server & application)

Any supporting "C".

Memory (RAM) requirement: As little as will run the OS (less is better).

Downtime requirements: None.

MPbase can be moved to a new set of hardware or even a new site and never needs to be taken down. Backup/restores, reorganizational reloads, …

There is no requirement for MPbase to be taken down EVER.

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