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Year 2000 & MPbase
What is and what is not

There are both MPbase assumptions and database issues with Y2K.

First the assumptions (over which the MPbase software has no control):

1: The hardware and BIOS are compliant.

2: The operating system and its file system are compliant.

3: The "C" library date functions are compliant.

Beyond these 3 assumptions MPbase has no internal dates or times that are not fully Y2K compliant.

Database issues:

As with any database MPbase can only store what it is given. A non-compliant system could be created under MPbase (or any database for that matter). This is of course not recommended. When being loaded with incomplete date information MPbase can automatically fill in the century digits of the year if and only if MPbase is provided with a valid set of assumptions about which century to use. As with any database MPbase has no way to validate such assumptions.

A non-compliant database can be loaded into MPbase and then corrected in-place without reloading. This again assumes a valid information source or assumption is available to determine century. Given MPbase's speed, it is normally faster to move the data to MPbase & convert it, than to just convert it in a current database.

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