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Remote Site Support

Next Paradigm Systems has wide ranging experience covering every aspect of networking and computing.   We can support your whole site.  PCs, Workstations, Servers, Macs, Routers, Firewalls, Backups, WEB, Email, DNS, Networking, Database.   In the rare case we can not deal with your problem directly we work with others who can.  Next Paradigm Systems can function as your "internal" IT guy.  When you need to have your IT guy call their IT guy.  We know how to work with outside support groups to help get you back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Next Paradigm Systems can provide IT support and consulting ranging from quick "Second Opinions" to complete out sourced virtual IT departments. And we do so in a very cost effective manner.  Our preferred model, used by most clients, is a single monthly fee covering phone and remote support.  This eliminates the normal pay-per-call method for getting answers to even simple questions.   This also allows us to be proactive in supporting your site.  With this model, we do not make money fixing problems by the hour.  We make money by preventing problems, being proactive and catching problems when just a 5 min fix is still effective.

Next Paradigm Systems has solutions for companies of all sizes.  Ranging from 2 PC's and a server in your basement office to hundreds of PC's and servers scattered over many sites.

Let us worry about your systems and networks so you can focus on your business.

Custom Systems and Development

Next Paradigm Systems is the answer to "Making Computing and Information Management Problems Disappear". Through the use of several innovative yet proven design techniques and methodologies, we can provide demand driven computing environments that are:

·	Manageable
· Ultra-Competitive
· Internet-Centric
· Scalable
· Self-Monitoring & Self-Healing
·	Reliable
· Resilient/Fault Tolerant
· Cost-Effective
· Extensible
· Platform Independent

In addition, systems designed and integrated by Next Paradigm Systems allow degrees of freedom beyond what is available in the industry today! Imagine being able to specify the desired performance of the system and guarantee that level of service while at the same time rapidly accommodating customer needs and changing business requirements.

Next Paradigm Systems can leverage system design and integration so that Information Management Systems support the business needs and provide meaningful control with minimal intervention. This in turn allows management resources to run the business instead of spending their time addressing technical problems and issues.

Next Paradigm Systems products

Next Paradigm Systems "Secure Storage and Backup Appliance"

Next Paradigm systems offers an appliance based next generation backup service.
See: What is "Next Generation Backup" - How to Estimate Your Backup Needs - What is the Secure Storage Server

Next Paradigm Systems is also home to MPbase the Massively Parallel Database

MPbase is the way all database tools and structures will look in 10 years. A network attached, compressed, encrypted, common data format, content addressable, representation of data stored as information and available to any computer environment simultaneously. This while providing unlimited scalablity, versatility, performance, fault tolerance and security. If you have an information problem you cannot solve or just want a strategic information advantage for your corporation read-on!

MPbase White Paper
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