Next Generation Backups


Traditional backup methods, even if the time and money are spent to correctly implement and maintain them, have only limited benefits.  There are newer methods available which are: more complete, more cost effective, and far less time consuming then traditional backup methods in addition to providing a host of additional benefits.  Such as, functionality to comply with current electronic record keeping requirements.  Like HIPPA or Patriot Act. (off-site, access logging, etc.) 


Some issues eliminated by using our appliance in place of traditional backups:

1.       Manual overhead associated with tapes or CD’s.

2.       Manual tracking of systems and files not backed up.

3.       Having to choose between interrupting users or after hours manual processes.

4.       Support involvement in recovery of user files.

5.       On going monitoring and adjustment of backup strategies, backup all of everything.

6.       Costly IT resources tied up in tasks not contributing to bottom line, both internal and external.

7.       Issues with critical files being created “outside” your current backup strategy (paper reduction creep). 


Traditional Backups will give you:

First, it is very important to understand the three very different problems traditional backups are used to solve. 

  1. System failure: the hardware fails and you lose the information on it, or the database crashed and will not recover. 
  2. “User error,” I deleted a file last week I really need, or plans changed and I need to “undo” two weeks work.
  3. Audit requirements: we need to produce the accounting month end supporting files for 4/1999.


In addition, Disk to Disk Backup Technology will give you:

In addition to the above, current disk based backup technology can provide many other benefits including:

1.       Company wide system change monitoring and if needed old file recovery.

2.       Manual user override for starting or postponing backups.

3.       Elimination of the storage needed for duplicate copies of the same file (across machines and backups).

4.       Unattended, after hours backup of any/all systems on your network.

5.       Tunable, opportunistic backup of laptops when found on local network (no effect on remote connections).

6.       Local access to laptop files when a laptop is off site.

7.       Ability to create any needed “archive” images directly from your backup.

8.       Instant access to any/all backed up files (no tapes to find or mount).

9.       Complete user access to any files their ID is permitted to see (internal WEB recovery control).

10.   Remote transfer of files to multiple systems from the backup copy without disrupting users.

11.   Email notification of any error requiring attention.

12.   Cost effective backup of all disk on every PC. (No user discipline required & better use of hardware resources).


The Secure Storage Server Appliance

This server appliance is designed to be a plug-and-play addition to your network.  It is a LINUX based system using the popular GNU BackupPC software to address “User error” in addition to a unique combination of hardware and software to provide protection from system failure and create a protected storage environment for mission critical storage and archiving. 

In addition to the functionality listed above this appliance provides:  

1.       Easy internal WEB based tool for a local administrator to control user IDs and systems to backup.

2.       Company wide electronic searches and audits (without slowing down workstations).

3.       Protected and redundant storage for your backup files.

4.       Centrally accessible WORM (Write Once Read Many) archive folders (NFS or SMB mounts).

5.       Centrally accessible “protected storage” folders for mission critical data (NFS or SMB mounts).

6.       24/7 Remote monitoring and support to identify and correct problems before you even know they exist.

7.       Removable media (disk) for off-site backup can hold up to 2.5 Terabytes of “normal” backups per device.

8.       WEB based options for automatic hands off off-site backup storage.

9.       Fully automatic synchronizing of removable media (just plug it in and forget it).

10.   A LINUX “high ground” copy of your files in the event of worms or viruses on your Windows PC’s.

11.   Password protected external WEB access to FTP and HTTP upload and download folders.

12.   A fully scalable architecture, capable of accepting site-specific modifications and extra functionality.