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Reasons To Use MPbase

1. You need data access performance with no architectural top end.
Your initial system is small but you may need to scale quickly and there is no telling how much performance you may need later.

2. You need extreme reliability and do not wish to buy an IBM Sierra or Tandem.
Your life would be easier with a 99.9999% uptime database. But you can not make the business case for big budget hardware.

3. You have, or would like, a network-centric environment and need a network database.
You can never fully achieve a network-centric environment with a conventional CPU-centric database. Until all your platforms have equal access to your data you will remain locked into a CPU-centric paradigm.

4. You need to move or convert a "must-be-up" legacy database and do not wish to acquire a second set of mainframes for the process.
You have a monster database on your mainframes. This database takes everything your system has to keep it running. If you need to move or convert it, there is no way to do it without killing your business.

5. You need a single database accessible from all of the platforms in your shop: PC, Mainframe, Midrange, UNIX…
You are maintaining multiple copies of the same data so that different systems can all see and use it. If updates are present, this is always a nightmare and a total disaster waiting to happen.

6. Your operational computing budget is putting you out of business.
When you need to get out from behind the eight ball, you need a change of paradigm. The CPU-centric paradigm can put and keep you in a nasty corner.

7. You want to mine your corporate data, but you cannot spare the processing power.
The largest data store in the world is of no use if it cannot be processed.

8. You need to get a major project done quickly.

Two, Three, or all of the above.

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