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Welcome to a truly open system

MPbase is a truly open database environment. It is also very network-centric using TCP/IP as its primary method of communication to and from the physical data. MPbase gets its performance from its parallel nature and its efficiencies and can afford to be network-attached and still achieve industry-leading performance.

If the application can talk to a UNIX socket, Telnet, HTML, XML, or in any way communicate with the UNIX command line, MPbase can do the rest. Part of the definition of an MPbase "view" is any needed protocol and/or formatting of both the request, and the result-set.

This allows MPbase to be used in environments where the calling program's request format and result-set format cannot be changed. This also allows different environments with different communication requirements to communicate to the same MPbase at the same time.

Finally, a single database usable by all of the computer environments in your shop!

Here is a real world example. A single database was accessed by MVS (TSO/Batch), HPUX (HP's UNIX), Solaris (SUN's UNIX), AIX (IBM's UNIX), HTML (WWW / Internet), Windows 3.11/95 (BSD Socket). In addition each "view" supported multiple versions of the application code including changes to both request, and result-set formats. All from the same database at the same time!

In the future MPbase may even add direct database access through the NFS interface. This would allow the DBA to set up "flat file" database views mountable through NFS. This would completely eliminate the need for the applications to even be aware of the database. These views could be "canned" queries set up to feed current systems' real time information.

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