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Phone Book Demo Statistics

Number of rows95,153,940
Fixed length row size281
Fixed length total size26,738,257,140
Average CSV row size129
Total CSV size12,274,858,260
Average compressed row17
Total compressed size1,669,172,000


Benchmarks were run on (1) a single 170MHz turbo SPARC, with 16Mbytes of RAM and two disk drives,
(2) 4-400MHz Pentium IIs with 64Mbytes of RAM each with two disk drives,
(3) a single 3.85Ghz i7 960 with 6Gbytes of RAM and using ramfs.

1-SPARC4-Pentium IIs 1-i7 960

Single thread search58,340 rows/sec (1-CPU) 158,589 rows/sec 12,199,223 rows/sec
Multi threded search71,329 rows/sec (4-CPU) 660,791 rows/sec63,435,960 rows/sec
Naperville IL40,911 rows in < 1 sec 40,911 rows in << 1 sec 40,911 rows in <<< 1 sec
Chicago IL728,302 rows in 13 sec 728,302 rows in 5 sec 728,302 rows in 0.07 sec
All of Illinois3,651,092 rows in 58 sec 3,651,092 rows in 14 sec 3,651,092 rows in 0.1 sec
All of USA95,135,940 rows in 1345 sec 95,135,940 rows in 144 sec 95,135,940 rows in 1.5 sec
Main St USA1,155,266 rows in 627 sec 1,155,266 rows in 29 sec 1,155,266 rows in 0.07 sec

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