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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

MPbase is based on such a magic technology. It is the first wholly new way to handle information since the creation of relational database theory. This new approach to information storage and retrieval avoids most of the classic database problems. What MPbase did not do, is solve the traditional database problems. What MPbase did do is avoid them.

This document is arranged in several sections. The order of the sections should help guide the reader through what the developer calls "paradigm shock". One section, Inventor's Notes on Paradigm Shock, is meant to be read out of order. This section should be read just after the reader thinks "NO #@*($% WAY," and just before this document is resigned to the round file.

The first section is titled MPbase Is Just Like… This section will attempt to convey some of the problems encountered in explaining something truly new. What do you do when there is no valid "A is just like B only…" How do you explain anything when there is no good common point of reference.

The following section is the wild and woolly MPbase Fact Sheet. It makes no apologies for stating the unbelievable. As a matter of fact it is subtitled "believe it or not." This section is guaranteed to extract a derogatory expletive from any knowledgeable reader. But as the section says, everything stated there has seen real world proof.

The next several sections are titled Real World Problem #… These are examples of how MPbase's unique characteristics can be applied to solve some of the more difficult database problems. Each one will, again, most likely evoke the response, "if that were only possible, it would be a good solution."

This leads to the next section, White Paper & Overview. This is where the characteristics of MPbase are revealed in a little more detail. This section provides the reader with a general overview and a feel for MPbase's unique capabilities. This is followed by several one to two page sections each dealing with a specific capability or issue in more detail.

Next is the section titled Product Plan & Deliverables by Phase. This section explains where MPbase is now and where it is going. This section also contains a brief history of how MPbase came about.

After the plan are the sections discussing NPSI's demos, describing how they were created and some performance statistics. This is followed in turn by two sections to help deal with "paradigm shock." Finally there is a list of reasons to use MPbase and a brief FAQ section.

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